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Bombay (Now Mumbai) has always been known as a center of art and culture. That’s why it gave birth to the idea of Bollywood. Initially the term Bollywood was created by combining two names Bombay and Hollywood, that’s one of the reasons Mumbai became the base of the several filmmakers and studios. So far Bollywood is the largest film industry.
Over the years Bollywood movies has created a unique identity of its own with its music that has the impact of Indian Culture and movies are getting very popular all over the world and have global presence as well.
Bollywood has always been known in world cinema for its sweet and melodious music and lyrics. Song plays a very important role in Hindi movies success and that was only the reason that Hindi movies always had some songs in it ether that was first movie Alamara which featured seven songs at that time or any of the latest movies.

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When they think they've won, is when they open themselves up to defeat.Remember, they've tried to crush AAP before, but only succeeded in strengthening it. To AAP volunteers, my brothers and sisters, I hope this makes you even more determined to fight the good fight. Jai Hind!