Kamala Das

Kamala Das (Born.1934)
Kamala Das (Born.1934)

Kamala Das was born at Punnayurkulam in southern malabar in 1934 and currently lives in Bombay. In her autobiography My Story Kamala Das candidly opens her life-history for her readers and shocks them with her sexual escapades.Brought up in a close -knit matrilinear society of Kerala, Kamala Das had a warm and happy childhood. Life became tough when she moved to Calcutta with her father and attended a catholic boarding school. At a very tender age she was married to a cousin for whom she had no love and thus began a pathetic phase of her life. Her husband’s insensitivity and callous attitude turned Das into a rebellious and confused woman who craved for love and sympathy and turned to strangers for some moments of happiness.

Kamala Das started writing verse early in school and developed a highly personal voice with an extraordinary feeling for rhythm, symbol and sound. By using the first-person singular and a highly emotive language, Das very astutely infuses her poetry with a lot of drama. In her own words. ‘We were volcanoes waiting to explode. I took up writing, hoping that it would help the volcano within to erupt in a slow, orderly way. I knew that I had to turn myself inside out. In talking to my readers I found my private voice, and perhaps my peace’.
A bilingual writer, her works in Malayalam and English include Summer in Calcutta (1965), The Descendants (1967) The old Playhouse and other Poems (1973) and My Story (1975), an autobiography.