Mrinal Dutt and Shivin Narang bond over Delhi!

Shivin Narang & Mrinal Dutt
Mrinal Dutt and Shivin Narang bond over Delhi!

What is the one common link between actors Mrinal Dutt and Shivin Narang? Both these lads who play Raffe Roy Chaudhary in Private Investigator and Ranvi in Veera respectively belong to New Delhi.

The two who recently met for an event got along like a house on fire when they figured out that they belonged to Delhi.

Mrinal says, “It is always nice to meet someone who is from Delhi because we usually have common preferences when it comes to the weather, food and the likes. I am really glad to have met Shivin, with common likes and dislikes. We discussed food, Delhi winters and everything that we miss about Delhi when we are in Mumbai.

Good to see some male bonding over in Television!