TU MERA HERO – Titanic pose on the small screen

Priyansh Jora aka Titu and Sonia Balani aka Panchi in Star Plus' Tu Mera Hero
TU MERA HERO – Titanic pose on the small screen

Recently lead actors Priyansh Jora and Sonia Balani who play Titu and Panchi respectively on Star Plus’ Tu Mera Hero emulated the iconic Titanic scene on screen for a dream sequence. The actors had to watch the particular scene from the Hollywood block-buster 15 times to get the expressions and pose right and to give the perfect shot.

In the show, Sonia Balani’s character Panchi is a die-hard romantic and Bollywood buff who always dreams of a fairytale love story. Panchi is good in everything that she does, she is good in studies, she is a perfect daughter and a perfect sister. However Panchi falls in love with Titu who is a lazy boy. The scene is a dream sequence where Panchi goes into her dream world when she sees Titu. She imagines herself dancing and singing with Titu and it is then that they bring alive the famous Titanic pose on-screen.

Sonia Balani, who plays Panchi in Tu Mera Hero, says, “I was very shocked when the director told us that we would be doing the Titanic scene for a dream sequence where my character Panchi dreams about Titu. For the particular sequence we brought alive the iconic Titanic pose on-screen. It was a different experience altogether to shoot for the scene as it had romance and passion. I was a little nervous while shooting the scene but the director made me feel very comfortable and the outcome was satisfactory as it was shot very aesthetically. We watched the particular scene a couple of times to get the expressions right.”

Tu Mera Hero has earlier shot for scenes inspired from Bollywood blockbusters Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge, Band Bajaa Baraat and 1942- A Love Story.