Once Upon A Time By Gabriel Okara

Once upon a time, son
They used to laugh with their hearts
And laugh with their eyes;
But now they only laugh with their teeth.
While Their ice block cold eyes,
Search behind my shadow.
There was a time indeed
They used to shake hands with their hearts;
But now they shake hands without hearts
While their left hands search
My empty pockets.
“Feel at home,” “Come again,”
They say and when I come
Again and feel
At home, once, twice,
There will be no thrice
For then I find doors shut on me.

And I have learned, too,
To laugh with only my teeth
I have also learnt to say, “Goodbye”,
When I mean ” Good riddance”,
To say ‘Glad to meet you’
without being glad; and to say ‘It’s been
nice taking to you’, after being bored.

Indeed : really
Riddance: Release
Glad : cheerful